Friday, June 25

the font's helvetica. 

i wanted to make it helvetica bold 24 pt. in a v (v = very, ala bridget jones and my laziness) obscure 'friends' reference but i'm assuming that that would be excessively annoying to look at/read.  and the one thing that i learned as a writing major was to always consider your readers. and since considering my readers, all zero of you at this point, is something that i will v rarely do because hey, these are my pancakes and i was a creative non-fiction major which basically means i don't give a crap i'm going to tell you about my life, i will consider you all in the form of selecting a readable font in a readable style and size.

it seems contradictory to my life to be writing my first post from my cube in my job w corporate america. v, v, corporate america. v, v unglamhippiehipster environment. but that's ok because it's not forever, it is a means to an end. an end of moving from too north, too east to somewhere where glamhippiehipsters are allowed to roam free, encouraged to roam free and where there entire vegetarian restaurants.

i am not a sell-out. i am practical. i am not trying to justify my job. i am explaining that i indeed recognize the contradictory nature of my job w what i indeed to do w my life and w what i try to be. 

honestly, there are much worst places i could work.

like orange hornets.

more on that to come.

hearts, stars and horseshoes,
                  awesome ball.